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Technomad Military PA System Helps New Civil Affairs Brigade Unit



Technomad LLP, a leader in high-powered weatherproof PA systems and communications equipment for military, security and other government applications, announces that the US Army 361st Civil Affairs Brigade in Germany is using a Technomad Military PA System and SuperConductor mp3 military player/recorder for military training and simulation.

The 361st Civil Affairs Brigade is a new Civil Affairs unit within the US Army Reserve Command, established to diplomatically work with local populations in foreign environments.The unit’s Annual Training Exercise emphasizes this diplomatic effort, training soldiers to fight for battle as well as to talk, negotiate, persuade and assist the local populace.The goal of the Civil Affairs Unit mission is to “Win The Hearts and Minds” of locals through civil military operations.

The Technomad Military PA system, featuring two weatherproof loudspeakers, an amplifier and mixer among other components, plays an instrumental role in the exercise, partially acting as a force multiplier during convoy lane training to simulate explosions.The system was also used at a simulated displaced personnel camp, projecting crowd noises, music and other sounds to enhance the training environment and create a foreign environment for soldiers.Audio files were programmed in the SuperConductor ahead of the exercise for easy recall via a front panel knob and push button.

“Adding realism to every bit of training is paramount for soldiers to understand how to react in foreign environments once deployed,” said CPT Ryan Bromenschenkel of the US Army 361st Civil Affairs Brigade.“When the day comes to perform at your given task, you can perform with ease knowing that you have been there before through extensive training.The Technomad Military PA System helps us achieve this realism by providing a portable system with outstanding audio clarity.We were able to mentally prepare soldiers by playing foreign sounds, music and language whether inside the personnel camp or a half a mile away in the forest.”

Bromenschenkel noted that the amplified sounds projected from the Technomad system were able to cut through the heavy dense forest and the sounds of nearby loggers.He added that the entire system can be set up in five minutes or less with ease, which was pertinent with only 12 personnel on site to set up for the entire exercise.


The goal of the Civil Affairs Unit's Mission is to “Win The Hearts and Minds” of Locals Through Civil Military Operations; Technomad Military PA Systems and SuperConductor Military Audio Players Help Them Achieve this Mission.
The Unit’s Mission is to “Win The Hearts and Minds” Through Civil Military Operations. Technomad Military PA Systems and SuperConductor Military Audio Players Help them Achieve this Mission.


Technomad Turnkey Military PA Systems offer a unique combination of power, compact size, weatherproof construction and clear speech and music reproduction, providing far superior intelligibility than traditional ‘horn’ speaker systems that suffer from inherent distortion and narrow audio bandwidth. The complete systems include Technomad weatherproof loudspeakers with gasketed lids for extra protection, a pre-wired amplifier, a six-channel mixer, source equipment, a dynamic microphone cables, connectors, and a shockmount equipment rack.

Options include the SuperConductor, a 1RU system that allows for manual and scheduled playback of audio files from a front panel position and without the need for a computer or web browser; and the ability to record field audio and immediately schedule the files for playback from its internal sound library.Scheduling can be as straightforward or complex as desired; sounds can be programmed to play hourly, daily, weekly or annually, also making the unit ideal as a message repeater in both critical and non-critical situations.


Technomad LLP, founded in 1995, designs and manufactures loudspeaker systems for the professional audio and security/military technology industries. The company invented the first reliable full-range military PA systems and now offers eight models with range up to one mile, as well as the SuperConductor military MP3 player and FireFly ultra-lightweight PA system.

For Additional information, contact:
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