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Why you might need to do this: if you need to replace a damaged or lost USB drive used in the Audio Player Recorder (APR), follow this procedure:

FIRST: download this ZIPed archive of military MP3s and support files:
Document IconMilitary_MP3s
, and expand it. This will yield a folder called “Military_MP3s”.

Windows XP: follow the steps below

  1. Insert a USB Flash Drive into USB port of PC
  2. Right click on this Drive i.e. Drive E: (removable) and choose FORMAT>FAT (this will format the USB drive in FAT16 format, erasing any data on the drive).
  3. Copy all the files in the Military_MP3s folder onto the USB Flash drive. To do this follow these steps:
    1. Open Military MP3 Archive Folder > EDIT > Select All > EDIT > Copy
    2. Select USB Flash drive > EDIT > Paste
  4. Click on “Safely remove Hardware” from task Bar, then click “Safely remove Mass Storage” from menu.
  5. Remove USB Flash Drive from PC. It is now ready to use.

To Insert into the APR:

  1. Power off the APR and insert the drive into the USB slot (behind front cover hatch). This assumes no other USB drive is in the USB slot – if there is, remove it to allow you to insert the newly formatted drive.
  2. Replace cover
  3. Power on APR

Mac OS X:
same as above, but to format USB just follow prompts, or if not prompted run Disk Utility in Utilities folder, click Flash Drive in left panel to select, select Erase pane, choose format FAT16 and erase. See image:

Uploaded Image