No Sound Coming Out of a Speaker

Possible solutions:

  • Swap the speaker with another that is known to work. If the ‘good’ speaker is also silent, then check the speaker cable (swap it with a good one to test), then test the amplifier (confirm that the master volume knobs are turned up). Is only one side of the amp working? Test by plugging a known-good speaker and speaker cable into each amplifier output. If you confirm that the amp output and speaker cable are OK, then the problem is the speaker itself.
  • Next, check that the speaker fuse is not blown. The fuse is located near one of the handles, and is accessible from the outside of the speaker. You do not have to open the speaker or take off the lid to replace the fuse. If you see a break in the metal strip on the fuse, burn marks, or other problems, replace the fuse. In an emergency, you can replace the fuse with a wad of aluminum foil or short metal bar (i.e. segment of a coat hanger), but be advised that doing this exposes your loudspeaker to over-power damage and such damage is not covered by the Technomad warranty.
  • If the fuse is OK or replaced, the problem is likely a blown driver or crossover. Contact Technomad military sales for servicing.