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Turn-Key Military PA System in Dakar, Senegal

Dakar, Senegal. The westernmost city in the Old World and on the African mainland. Dakar, which was once a quiet settlement on the Cap-Vert peninsula, is now a thriving capital city, home to more than one million people.

On the central western coast of the peninsula, in the Mermoz Sacre-Coeur district, sits Ebbets Field.  Here people gather for public events, sport tournaments, basketball games, concerts, and community celebrations. Powering all these events, is Technomad’s Technomad turn-key Military PA MilPA1 system. Our fully weatherproof, super durable Pismo loudspeakers were installed effortlessly on the existing light posts and blend in seamlessly with the tropical environs surrounding the field.

turn-key stadium PA system





turn-key stadium PA system, technomad PA system

An additional Pismo loudspeaker system is perched above the reviwing stand for extra insurance that no one will miss out on any event coverage or announcements.

Our outdoor audio systems are designed for extreme environments and serve the US military and allied armed forces – since 1995.

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