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Technomad Military PA Systems include everything you need to project voice and music at long distances in real-world force protection applications, both mobile/tactical and permanently installed. Systems are pre-wired and ready for use upon delivery. There are three basic types of Military PA System:

New higher output! Technomad’s unmatched combination of audio quality, product flexibility and ruggedness in the smallest possible package. Fully weatherproof25 lb. Two models, the FireFly (optimized for voice) and DragonFly (full range voice, music and effects). Easily carried /set up by one person. Fits in rucksack.   Stand-mount socket & threaded side inserts provide many mounting options. High quality audio up to 130/122 dB SPL.  Expandable with SuperConductor & other modules.

Complete, simple to use IP56 rated weatherproof military PA systems with up to 1 mile range. Ideal for PSYOPS, ceremonial use, warning/paging, training, and more. The best choice for most PA applications (including large-area paging and Giant Voice, Mass Notification up to 1 mile radius from speakers, vehicle mounted pa, or shipboard uses).

Simple to use and highly intelligible weatherproof  firing range audio systems.  Sizes ranging from small portable systems to large, multi-line systems.  Wireless networking available, multiple microphone and speaker location choices.   Unmatched clarity and power, long life.

Component-based weatherproof military PA systems with separate audio source and loudspeaker packs connected by fiber optic or wireless link kits. Ideal for large scale base-wide installations such as Giant Voice where multiple speaker clusters are controlled from a central audio source. Best for users who need a customizable solution, especially for large-area projects.

Simple to use audio player/recorder allows both instant playback AND scheduled audio playback via an internal real time clock. Control your whole base from this one reliable device – or use for PSYOPS, simulation, or training… New features just added: built-in recording, remote control via CGI, front knob lock-out, time-server network sync, ‘no computer needed’ configuration and programming, more!

Simple to use, IP network-based Intercom systems. Ideal for in-building use, facility wide applications, or for mixed application use with Technomad Outdoor PA systems.

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