The Technomad Ethernet Intercom

Simple, networkable IP-based audio over IP Intercom

The Technomad Intercom is a simple, 1 rackspace unit with a built-in loudspeaker, push-to-talk microphone, auxiliary audio outputs, and interface. Multiple units can be attached to existing facility network / LAN infrastructure, instantly creating a simple, robust communications network.

Intercoms can also be used to send audio from indoor facilities to Technomad Modular PA Systems, creating hybrid indoor-outdoor audio networks. Simple web interface (see below) lets you set what audio targets (Other Intercoms, Technomad PA Systems, etc) the Ethernet Intercom streams audio to. Can receive audio from any Technomad Link Kit / Modular PA system – great for alerting staff in small areas where a dedicated PA system is overkill. Use as a desktop or rack-mount unit. Optional Zone Control allows user to talk to different target devices by rotary switch.

Applications: guard posts, communications centers, ops centers, equipment rooms, more…

Features & Specifications

Size:10″ x 19″ x 1.17″ ( 1 standard rack space, 1U )
Weight:10 lbs