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Technomad Loudspeakers & Giant Voice Systems

Technomad audio is a trusted manufacturer of giant voice mass communication systems. Our 100% weatherproof loudspeakers are the most durable option on the market. Trusted by all branches of the US military, Technomad speakers provide unmatched clarity and lifespan, even in the most demanding conditions.

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Why Technomad?

Unmatched Durability

Technomad products are 100% weatherproof and offer the highest durability, reliability and fidelity of any outdoor audio manufacturer.

Trusted by the Finest

Our audio equipment is used by all branches of the US military, along with major cruise lines, theme parks and professional sports stadiums.

Built For You


Our modular systems can be customized to fit specific areas and terrains.

Why Technomad?

Technomad Military PA Systems are uses by all branches of the US Armed forces, by the White House Communications Agency, by the UK MOD, and by other national armed forces.

How It Works

Technomad giant voice systems are modular and composed of 3 main parts.

  • Audio Source Packs – where audio is controlled and distributed from
  • Link Kits – distribute audio over long distances to the output packs
  • Output packs – the amplifiers and speakers that create the audio

Giant Voice Components

Loudspeakers/Output Packs

Loudspeakers and amps project directional or omnidirectional sound for up to 1 mile.

Audio Source Packs

Audio source pack generates audio. Source pack includes: flight case, CD- player, expandable 6-input mixer, and a hand-held microphone

Link Kits

Link kits distribute the audio signal wirelessly over large distances.

Use “building blocks” to make a PA/Giant Voice System that covers VERY large areas – many square miles.

Directional and omnidirectional output packs that can broadcast sound up to 1 mile are placed throughout the area to create the giant voice system.

Powerful link kits make sure the signal is properly broadcast to reach the full area.

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SuperConductor™ Flash RAM Player- Recorder with Automatic PlaybackRack Mounted, User-Programmable Automatic Audio Player. User can load hours of audio via Ethernet (or by removing internal USB stick and plugging into a host computer). Sounds can be assigned in any order to rotary knob. Screen displays selected sound. Knob can be pressed to start-stop playback. Looping, one-shot, or press-to-hold play modes. Ideal for local-language messages, ceremonial audio, sirens, warning tones, combat simulation, PSYOPS, and more. Sounds can be programmed to play automatically on any schedule using internal clock.[ click here for more info ]


24V DC Power Option – run from vehicle power, or use DC power for emergency backup


220V 50/60 Hz ‘Global’ Power Option – run from non-US AC power.


Wireless Microphone – 1 high quality handheld wireless microphone system. VHF. Integrated into any technomad military PA system. Operating range up to 200 yds, dependent on weather conditions and RF environment. US frequencies. Installed in PA rack at factory if ordered with PA system. Range: up to 100M depending on RF conditions.  Handheld, Lapel, and Headset versions available.


LMR Interface– Land Mobile Radio Receiver allows user to tie existing P25 LMRs into Technomad PA System for paging, mass notification.


Telephone System Interface – auto pickup – allows any standard POTS line to patch into and page through the base PA system.

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Technical Specs

Loudspeakers/Output Packs

Audio source packs generate audio for the entire giant voice system.

  Audio source pack generates audio. Source pack includes: flight case, CD-      player, expandable 6-input mixer, and a hand-held microphone. Add an optional SuperConductor for automatic message playback.  The Source Rack is pre-wired. No setup is required. Product# 472-tno-839

Link Kits

Link kits distribute audio signals over long distances.

       Link Kits send audio from Audio Source Packs to one or more Output Packs. There are several varieties of Link Kit:

  • Twisted Pair Link Kits – Simple, easy to setup, CD-quality audio over traditional telephone twisted pair copper wire, OR spare twisted pairs in multi-conductor CAT-5 wiring.  Ranges up to three miles.  “Star” (one-to-many) or “Daisy-Chain” (one to one to one) configurations. Great for fast, robust field deployment, or permanent install.  Best audio quality, lowest cost.
  • Ethernet Link Kits – Have an existing Ethernet network? Connect Technomad PA components over your network using the Ethernet Link Kit (one Ethernet Link Required per PA Element, i.e. Audio Source Pack, Output Pack, etc). Good for leveraging existing network (if access is permitted).  Excellent audio quality, and “zone” control is an available feature (page specific areas of your facility). Moderate Cost.
  • Wireless Link Kits – Need wireless deployed audio links between your command center and remote PA systems?  Use Technomad Wireless Link Kits.  Range between links up to 6 miles.  Robust Ad-hoc Mesh networks are created over 2.4/5.6 GHz Wifi frequencies. Flexible, fast setup,  No wires.  Highest cost, occasional brief audio dropouts are possible in heavy RF environments. Zone” control is an available feature (page specific areas of your facility).
    » Click Here for detailed information about Technomad Wireless Link Kits

Output Packs

Output packs amplify and project the sound through loudspeakers.

There are Directional and Omnidirectional Output Packs, with ranges of 1/2 mile or 1 mile in radius. You can use several Output Packs to cover every part of your facility with clear, intelligible audio.


For 180-degree coverage up to 1/2 mile, select the Output Pack NEMA Directional 1 (based on 2 Pismo loudspeakers).

For 180-degree coverage up to 1 mile, select the 
Output Pack NEMA Directional 2( based on 2 Omaha loudspeakers),

 For 360-degree coverage up to 1/2 mile, select the  Output Pack NEMA Omni 1 (based on 3 Pismo loudspeakers).
For 360-degree coverage up to 1 mile, select the
Output Pack NEMA Omni 1
 (based on 3 Omaha loudspeakers)

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Interested in a Technomad Giant Voice system. Request a demo or contacts us today!