Link Kits: Omni and Directional Models. Omni unit shown with 1U encoder box which is installed in host PA or Audio Source Pack. Illustration of a network of Link Kits (directional and omni) as well as repeaters. Click for PDF version.

Technomad Digital Audio Link Kits

Simple, IP-based Wireless Digital Audio Link Kits. Mesh-networked.

Need a simple way to send audio from a command center to multiple field locations? Technomad Wireless Link Kits allow an Audio Source Pack (or Turnkey PA) to send live audio to dozens of Output Packs. Technomad proprietary encoders convert analog audio to IP data, and then transmit the audio via 802.11 mesh-networks with extremely high quality and minimal delay. Link Kits are normally pre-configured at the factory to do exactly what you need, and are easy to field-program using any laptop to meet changing requirements. If you have an existing Technomad system, you can add a Link Kit by plugging in a single standard audio cable (included).

Range: up to 15 miles per link – and multiple links can be combined for unlimited range. Technomad Link Kits use a ‘mesh’ network 

design, so if the path from an Audio Source to a remote Output Pack is disrupted, the network automatically routes the audio via another path. This greatly increases the reliability of the system in combat or other challenging environments.

Optional zoning is available – so an Audio Source Pack can address (for example) just the Hospital or Housing Area, or the entire base as needed. Multiple Audio Sources can operate on the same network simultaneously (although only a receiving device can only ‘listen’ to one Source Pack at a time).

Technomad Link Kits can be used to tie into existing building interior paging systems, allowing you to send audio from a Technomad Audio Source Pack to both exterior Technomad PA systems AND the inside spaces of your facility.

Key advantages:

  • Long Range
  • Mesh network
  • IP56 rated weatherproof
  • Live audio – not low-quality samples triggered by DTMF tones
  • Easy to add Audio Source Packs or Output Packs as needed
  • Data is encrypted during transmit
  • System can be setup in minutes with no technical training (if preconfigured by Technomad)
  • Optional Zoning
  • Digital audio quality
  • Included 100′ antenna cable allows you to put the Link Kit on the roof while PA Control Rack or Audio Source Pack stays at ground floor.
  • Can tie into existing building paging systems

Note: One Link Kit is required for each element of your PA – for example, a simple network where you are sending audio from an Audio Source Pack to an Output Pack would require two Link Kits.

Range Table
The range you can expect depends on several factors. First, you must have a line-of-sight connection between Link Kits. Heavy foliage, buildings, and similar obstructions will block the IP link – so if necessary, use Repeaters to get over or around the obstacle. Heavy RF or Microwave background may interfere with a link and reduce range. Remember that you can increase range indefinitely by adding more repeaters or Omni Link Kits to a system. Approximate ranges given below in miles.


Source  Target
   Omni Omni + RF Amp   Directional  Directional + RF Amp
 Omni 1/2 mile  3 miles   2.5 miles 6 miles 
 Omni + RF Amp  3 miles 12 miles   6 miles 22 miles 
 Directional 2.5 miles  6 miles   6 miles 15 miles 
 Directional + RF Amp 6 miles  22 miles   15 miles 30 miles 


High gain (increased range) version of the Technomad version II wireless link system. Includes 9dB Omni-directional antenna. Can be used with Technomad wireless link nodes, such as the 472-TNO-909, 472-TNO-911, and 472-TNO-910. This is the suggested ‘default’ Link Kit, because it allows connection to it from any angle.
Product # 472-TNO-913

High gain (increased range) version of the Technomad wireless link system. Includes 16dB directional antenna. Can be used with Technomad wireless link nodes, such as the 472-TNO-913, 472-TNO-911, and 472-TNO-909. This is a useful model for longer-range applications, but requires aiming, and cannot easily ‘relay’ information to another Link Kit.
Product # 472-TNO-910

Used to extend the range of a Technomad Wireless Link Kit system. Does not encode /decode audio, so cannot be directly attached to an Audio Source Pack, MilPA, or Output Pack. Use to ‘hop’ around obstacles or over hills, etc. Multiple repeaters can be combined for even longer range.
Product # 472-TNO-911

Allows user to send audio to specific groups of target Link Kits by the turn of a knob. Requires at least three Link Kits to be useful – one transmitting Link Kit, and two target Link Kits. In this simplest example, the Zone control could send audio to each of the target Link Kits individually (thus creating two zones), or to both (an ‘all-call’ zone).
Product # 472-TNO-985

Frequencies and Certifications
In general, Technomad Wireless Link kits can be used around the globe without conflict with other military communications systems or local regulations. FCC identifiers for Technomad wireless link kits are NCBSL9000, NCBSL9101, and NCBSL9102.

The typical radiated power from the wireless systems is 200 mW @ 2.4 GHz. It is spread-spectrum, digital, and frequency-hopping. The system uses the “WiFi” band (used world-wide without license requirements), but employs a proprietary digital encoding method with powerful error-correction. The RF Amplifier increases output to 1 watt (or to whatever the maximum wattage is allowable within local regulations given attached antenna type etc).


The default password to set the play buffer and target IP addresses of Technomad link kits (both wireless and Ethernet) is ‘tm set’. You will be prompted for this password when you access the IP address of the to-be-configured device using a web browser. Other passwords are required to access the optional zoning functionality and advanced / expert setup modes. Contact Technomad if these passwords are required.