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Sole Source Justification

There are many compelling reasons to insist on “sole source” for your Technomad Military PA purchase. No other product line offers Technomad’s unique combination of weatherproof construction, simple operation, full-range fidelity, long-distance speech clarity, deployable, palletizable design, and digital networking options. The last thing you want is to get a music-store audio system or horn-based PA when you request a Technomad Military PA.

Key Reasons for Sole Source

Technomad military loudspeakers are compliant with Military Specification 810E, and are the only commercial off-the-shelf full-range weatherproof loudspeakers that meet this specification.

Technomad Military PA Systems incorporate a number of unique, patented, patent-pending, and proprietary features (see list below) which deliver superior weatherproof and logistical performance as compared to other commercial brands. Technomad systems offer outstanding speech and music clarity, are highly reliable, lightweight, networkable, easy to setup, and can be used for fixed, mobile, and shipboard audio applications. They are the best functional choice for many military audio applications, and substituting other products would result in a less satisfactory / lower performance outcome. Other products do not network with Technomad networked PA systems, so a substitution would degrade the performance of a networked Technomad PA system.

There are no feature-to-feature comparable military PA systems available – accept NO SUBSTITUTES!

How To Buy:

Technomad is the manufacturer and does not sell any military products through a distribution network.

Partial List of “Unique, Patented, Patent-pending, or Proprietary features”

  • Loudspeaker is self-casing and is fully compliant with MilSpec 810F (no other full-range, weatherproof loudspeaker meets this spec).
  • Loudspeaker design includes several patented features, including anti-shear interference fit between lid and cabinet body, ensuring lids are not torn off during impact, and fully embedded, molded-in ‘butterfly’ hardware attachment inserts.
  • Loudspeaker handles and catch / latches meet US cold-weather ‘gloved hand’ standards for cold weather use.
  • Loudspeaker body is UV-stabilized medium density polyethylene, rotationally molded with thick corners and edges for maximum impact resistance (much better than injection-molded ‘consumer’ loudspeakers).
  • Loudspeakers are self-draining with corner ‘weep-holes’ ensuring any in-cabinet moisture drains out, regardless of loudspeaker orientation
  • Loudspeaker internal electronics is fully encapsulated in marine epoxy rigid foam for shock-proofness and moisture resistance.
  • Loudspeaker cones are chemically treated, highly resistant to moisture.
  • Loudspeakers are IP56 with lids off, IP66 with lids on.
  • Technomad loudspeaker and audio systems have been deployed in US military and allied military operations since 1995.


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