Technomad Warranty
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A. Warranty Registration must be completed (“Technomad”) within 30 days of your purchase in order for you to receive the Extended Warranty terms described below. However, failure to return the card will not void the one-year basic warranty.

B. Technomad warrants all materials and workmanship, for a period of one year from the original date of purchase. This warranty applies only to the original purchaser of the equipment. If you complete and return the Product Registration Card, OR complete the on-line Registration Form ( click here ) the warranty will be extended as follows:

– The molded plastic loudspeaker body and lid will be warranted for a total of ten years from product shipment date.
– All exterior cabinet metal hardware (catches, strikes, D-rings, and handles) will be warranted for a total of five years from product shipment date.
– All electronic components (wiring, connectors, crossover, speaker drivers, and switches) will be warranted against manufacturing defects for a total of two years from product shipment date.

Failure of any electronic speaker component due to excessive input signal (including but not limited to voice-coil burn-out) is not covered by this warranty. If any defects are found in the materials or workmanship during the applicable warranty period, Technomad, at its option, will repair or replace the product.

C. Service and repairs of Technomad products are to be performed ONLY at the factory (see D below) unless otherwise authorized IN ADVANCE by the Technomad Service Department. Unauthorized service, repairs or modifications will void this warranty.

D. To obtain factory service: 1. Call Technomad at 1.800.464.7757 (international 617.275.8898 x 710), 9AM to 5PM EST, Monday through Friday to obtain a Return Authorization number (RA). Products returned not displaying a RA number on the outside of the carton will be refused. Securely package the Technomad product and ship to Technomad at the address provided on your Return Authorization. Note: Technomad does not pay for product shipping, and collect packages will be refused.

E. Upon receipt of the product, Technomad technicians will evaluate the item and determine if the defect/malfunction is covered by warranty. If the defect IS covered, we will repair and return the product to you via ground service at no charge (North America only – off-continent customers must pay shipping all return shipping and duty charges). If the defect/malfunction is determined not to be covered by warranty, we will contact you with a repair estimate and a return-freight quote.  Upon payment, we will repair the product and ship it to you at your expense.

F. Technomad military loudspeakers are designed for use with matching Technomad system components [Technomad ‘control racks’ containing Technomad amplifiers, mixers, etc]. This ensures maximum life in operational conditions and in the extremely rare case of a failure allows Technomad to study and repair the root cause or the problem – whether loudspeaker, amplifier, mixer, or power supply related. Technomad Loudspeakers or other products used with non-Technomad components, commercial products, OR with incorrectly-matched Technomad control racks are NOT WARRANTIED.

G. Products are warranted for use by Military / Government applications ONLY if purchased through Technomad-authorized military sales channels (directly from Technomad, or a pre-approved military sales partner). Commercial Technomad dealers are specifically prohibited from selling to Military / Government customers, and any Technomad products sold in violation of this policy will not be covered by any Technomad warranty.