[Shown with transport lid removed]

Military PA Control Rack
Provides amplifier power, CD playback, microphone for Technomad Military PA systems. Expandable (drives up to 6 loudspeakers, mixer has 6 inputs for mic or line-level signals).Sold only as part of Technomad integrated military PA systems, i.e. the MilPA1, MilPA2, MilPA3, MilPA4, etc.

Size: 22.4″ wide x 22″ deep x 19.3″ high
Weight: 75 lbs
Includes: Dual-channel rack mount amplifier
  Rack mount CD Player
  5 channel rack mount mixer
(accepts XLR microphone connections, 1/4″, and RCA-type inputs)
  Hand-held wired microphone (not shown)
Options: Wireless Microphone, Shock-Rack Upgrade, DC Version (runs from 24V DC power or 120V AC).
Rack has 2 gasketed lids which cover front and back for transport and storage. Rack meets US MilSpec 810F.
with system
but not shown:
Technomad military PA systems ship with IP56 rated weatherproof high output loudspeakers (2 to 4 Pismo or Omaha depending on system), tripod stands, speaker cables. Systems arrive ready to use.

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