rear2 Are you searching for a simple, reliable, high-performance Emergency Alert System for your facility?   Technomad has built Emergency Warning and Alert systems at our Massachusetts USA factory since 1995.

We offer you:

  • Unmatched voice clarity
  • Excellent music and sound effects playback quality
  • No limited range ‘horn’ sound
  • MilSpec 810F construction
  • Totally Weatherproof
  • Easy modular design – control system at one location, speaker clusters where you need them throughout your facility
  • Small facility?  Our simple Turnkey Emergency Warning Systems can be installed in less than a day


Who uses Technomad Emergency Warning Systems?  All branches of the US Military at Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) around the globe.   We’re also part of permanent installations at hundreds of other military and high profile civilian facilities.  

We have 10 standard E.W.S. models, and we can easily design a custom system using our ‘building-block’ modules.    We can cover anything from 100 square yards to many square miles with our Emergency Warning systems.

Contact us with the form on the right, or call the number above.  We’re here to help!