Military PA Control Rack Quick-start Guide

The following guidelines should be observed when setting up a turnkey Technomad system.

• The Control Rack should only be deployed in a horizontal position.
• After the rack is suitably located, remove the front and rear lids.
• Do not expose the open Control Rack to water.
• Remove the lids of the speakers prior to operation.

System Start-up

• Make sure the amplifier is switched off.
• Turn all amp and mixer controls down completely (fully counter-clockwise.)
• Plug the Control Rack into a grounded 110-120V AC power outlet.
(If it is a 24v DC system, connect the Control Rack power cables to a source of 100 Amp, 24v DC power.)
Insert one end of a speaker cable into either of the cable jacks on the speaker cabinet. Plug the other end of the cable into one of the two amplifier output jacks.  Connect a second speaker to the other amplifier output in the same way.  IF THERE ARE ADDITIONAL SPEAKERS – daisy-chain additional speakers from the first two as shown in illustration to the right. Do not exceed a total of 6 speakers.
• Turn on the amplifier.
• Turn the gain controls on the amplifier slowly all the way up (fully clockwise.)
• Turn the ‘Master’ control on the mixer up halfway.

System Use
• The levels of the mixer inputs (CD, Microphone, Aux) can now be adjusted. When setting the levels of the various inputs to the system, never turn any mixer volume knobs past 2 o’clock (this could cause clipping and distortion).
• To set the level of the microphone, turn the microphone on and speak into it. Slowly
turn up the microphone channel control on the mixer. To avoid feedback, do not stand
in front of the speakers.
• To set the level of the CD player, the unit must be playing, and then the
appropriate mixer controls can be adjusted to the desired mix level.
• Make all further adjustments to the volume of the system using the ‘Master’ control of the mixer.

Other Notes
• The CE series amplifiers have built in power-protection circuitry. If the amplifier shuts down during operation, it is likely due to the amplifier inputs being overdriven. Turn down the Master control on the mixer and after a few minutes, the amplifier should reset itself.
• If the sound coming from the speaker is distorted, turn down the ‘Master’ volume of the mixer.
• When daisy-chaining multiple speakers together, never connect more than 3 speakers to one amp channel. Never run cables from two different amplifier channels into the same chain of connected speakers.

For complete, detailed instructions on proper turnkey system setup and operation, please refer to the Turnkey Systems Owner’s Manual.

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