Expected Wireless Mic Range:

Technomad Wireless microphones have an expected operating range of up to 100M in optimal conditions. Heavy RF background, wet foliage, and other factors can reduce this range.

Wireless Mic Battery Note:

If your Military PA System was delivered with an AKG brand wireless microphone, please note the following operation instructions:

To operate wireless microphone:
1) Remove plastic cover at bottom of mic handle (unscrew, then slide off)
2) Remove small ring by sliding off
3) Removing cover ring will reveal two switches. Turn them both to “ON” – up, towards mic capsule.
4) The status LED will flash momentarily. If the batteries are in good condition, the status LED will continue glowing dimly.

—> When the status LED glows brightly, the batteries will be dead in about 90 minutes!!! Replace the batteries with new ones as soon as possible.

5) To use mic, replace ring and battery cover.
6) When done, remove cover and ring as above, switch both switches to “OFF” – downwards, towards batteries.

(Above applies to AKG-brand mic systems only). If you have another wireless microphone system ordered from Technomad please Contact Us with any questions.


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