Q: I am having difficulty uploading audio files into the Technomad flash RAM audio player-recorder (version II, with the rotary knob on the front).

A: To upload MP3 files into the unit via the web-interface (using an Ethernet connection to the device) you must use the Firefox or Safari browser. Get Firefox here (http://getfirefox.com) we expect to have a new firmware release shortly (this is written 2/12/06) allowing upload using any browser, including Internet Explorer.

Alternatively, you can bulk-transfer audio files to the unit by removing its internal USB drive. Procedure:

  • turn the unit off
  • unscrew the small protective hatch on the front of the unit to reveal the internal USB stick
  • remove the stick and attach directly to your PC’s USB port
  • upload MP3 format audio files to the stick
  • Reinsert into the unit, reattach the hatch, and power on.

Then you can connect to the unit via a web browser and assign sounds to various positions on the rotary knob.