Procedure to Update an Encoder

  • Log into your Link Kit Encoder with a web browser
  • Screenshot or write down all info on the Settings page so you can re-enter it after the update.
  • power OFF the Encoder box (easiest way – just unplug the entire rack it is in)
  • connect a serial cable from PC COM 1 port to the Encoder Box RS-232 connector
  • run Rescue1.bat
  • when ‘waiting for device’ message appears, power-up the rack with the encoder box in it.
  • when ‘successful’ message appears, close Rescue program and power the Encoder box rack off and then back on again.

If your COM1 port is not available, follow the instructions above BUT INSTEAD connect a cable from your COM2 port, and run the Rescue2.bat file.

The unit will ‘wake up’ with the IP address (You’ll hear this announced either through the speakers or in the case of the A.S.P. through the headphones).

Connect to the Unit with an Ethernet cable- (remember, you’ll need to set your laptop to a compatible IP address, like To connect, open your web browser and log into the Encoder by typing into the browser address bar and hitting the ‘return’ key.

Enter the original settings on the Settings page – in other words, type in the old IP address, Router, play buffer, streaming mode and other settings. Remember: If you are updating an Audio Source Pack you’ll need to enter the Target IP addresses. On Output Pack Encoders, you will not need to enter Target IPs. When done entering settings, hit apply.

The unit will reboot, and now it will be at the old / correct IP address (you’ll hear this through the speakers or headphones connected to the mixer). To make further changes, you’ll have to connect to THAT IP address.

In Advanced / Update section you can confirm the Firmware version – should be VB1.18.

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