Link Kit Security Details

Technomad Link Kits (wireless and Ethernet) are robust systems with embedded microprocessors. Here are some background notes regarding the technology we employ.

  • PC-FREE architecture
  • TCP/IP stack is by Lantronix (no Berkley TCP/IP code)
  • no embedded Linux, WinCE etc under the hood
  • very low power consumption (typ. 2-3W)
  • small memory footprint – “static RAM design”
  • no dynamic memory architecture, so no memory leaks or performance issues
  • very high integration on silicon
  • proven architecture, 15+ years in the market (the Lantronix stack)
  • storage is flash-ram based (no hard-drives to fail)
  • audio part and network part separated (DSP and separate network processor) for higher reliability than software solutions

Devices are password-protected to limit unauthorized access to configuration pages. Network operator typically imposes MAC-address security in addition (i.e. only allowing Technomad devices to ‘speak’ on Port 80 and UDP 3030 to authorized MAC-address devices).