Problem:  wireless links ( link kits ) reboot unexpectedly – audio stops and/or you hear a voice read the IP address of the Link Kit.  Audio is intermittent or fails periodically, or device can’t be accessed via web interface.

Hint:  check the supply voltage going to the Link Kit or the overall device (Audio Source Pack, Output Pack or other system that the Link Kit is installed in).  If supply voltage is low – that is…

  • below 110 VAC for ordinary systems,
  • below 24 VDC if you have the Inverter option installed
  • below 220-240 VAC if you have the Transformer option installed.

then you should correct the power supply problem – this should fix the reboot/performance issue.  Power ‘brown-outs’ (low voltage contions) WILL cause problems.

Technomad strongly suggests use of a power conditioner in mission-critical applications.