In some cases it is necessary to ‘remote’ the radio of your Wireless Link Kit using Ethernet cable or even your local LAN. This might be necessary if it is not possible to connect the Encoder Box (installed in a PA system, Output Pack, or Audio Source Pack) to the Link Kit Radio using the 100′ provided cable. This could occur if, for example, an Audio Source Pack needed to be installed in an underground command center and 100′ of cable could not reach the surface. Or an Audio Source Pack might need to be installed in a Ops Center, but that Ops Center is surrounded by tall buildings – in that case, you would want to ‘remote’ the Radio of that Link Kit to be installed ON one of the tall buildings. To summarize, remoting the radio means to use dedicated Ethernet cable or your local LAN to separate the Radio part of the Link Kit from the Encoder Box part of the link kit.

What you will need:

  • Dedicated Ethernet Cable or Crossover Cable, or access to an Ethernet LAN
  • Power supply box for the radio (Technomad Part number -1081) – this is used to provide power to the Radio, which normally gets power from its direct-to-the-Encoder-Box connection.

What to Do

  • Disconnect the Radio and power-over-Ethernet cable (grey, weatherproof) by unclipping the RJ45 connector from the back of the Link Kit Encoder Box.
  • Locate the Radio where you want it.
  • Plug the Radio’s PoE cable to the “Radio” jack on the -1081 Power Supply Box.
  • Connect a straight-through Ethernet cable or equivalent between the rear Ethernet port on your Link Kit Encoder Box and the “LAN” jack on the Power Supply Box.

Note that you can use a pair-gain modem set on existing copper twisted-pair infrastructure to create a ‘virtual’ straight-through Ethernet cable if necessary. Contact Technomad for more information.

Proceed with configuring your Radio and Encoder as normal.