Following is how to manually update the firmware on your SuperConductor.

» We can update your unit for a small fee. Contact us or your dealer to make arrangements for an in-Factory upgrade.

Web Update Method (Try this First!)

  1. First, download and unzip the latest SuperConductor firmware (on product data page).
  2. Then, power up the SuperConductor.  Note the unit’s IP address.
  3. Connect your computer to the SuperConductor with an Ethernet cable or over the network – full instruction here.
  4. In your browser address bar, enter the IP address of you SuperConductor plus /update.html – so, if your units IP address is, then you’d enter in your browser.  Hit return to load this page.
  5. The unit will prompt you to locate the update file.
  6. Navigate to the Firmware folder, open the ‘Update Rescue’ folder, then select the “compound” file.
  7. Click the Upload button.
  8. The file will be uploaded, after which you’ll see a message saying the file has successfully loaded, and a message:
    “Click on update before updating the the next component or unplug the power supply to reboot the device.”
  9. At this point, power-cycle (unplug, plug back in) the unit to active the new firmware.  You’re done!
    If you cannot power-cycle the unit(i.e. if the unit is in a inconvenient location, or you’re doing the update over the web), then: 
    • Click the underlined word update in the message (‘Click on update…’).  This brings you to another screen
    • here, click the “Reboot” button to manually reboot the unit and activate the new firmware.

Serial Port Method – Use only if web method fails!

DISCLAIMEROnly attempt this if you are technically competent – i.e. know what a Serial port is, know how to work safely with electronic equipment, how to run BAT files, etc.  Technomad is in no way liable if you damage your unit,  yourself or others in this attempt!  We are not liable for any inconvenience or ‘down-time’ or other direct or indirect results of your update attempt.  If you damage your unit in the attempt, we will charge our normal hourly service fees, parts charges, and shipping charges to repair.

First, download and unzip the latest SuperConductor firmware (on product data page).

If you SuperConductor has been programmed / loaded with custom audio etc – extract the thumb-drive under the front hatch, insert the thumb-drive into your computer, and make a backup of the contents of the thumb-drive.  Then reinstall the thumb-drive into the SuperConductor.


  1. Power off SuperConductor
  2. Unrack your SuperConductor and open the top
  3. Disconnect the cable harness connecting the screen/knob to the rs232 port on the main board
  4. Connect a null-modem / rs232 cable (provided with your SuperConductor) to that port on the main board, and to COM1 port on your PC
  5. On your PC, open the SuperConductor firmware folder, then open folder called ‘update_rescue’
  6. double-click ipamres1.bat (you’ll see a command line interface / pop up, saying something like ‘waiting for device’.    ( If for any reason you can’t connect the SuperConductor main board to COM1 on your computer, connect to COM2 and double-click ipamres2.bat, or COM3 and double-click ipamres3.bat, etc. )
  7. power on the SuperConductor
  8. the command line interface will show the update process
  9. when done, power off SuperConductor again.
  10. disconnect the rs232 cable from your computer and the main board
  11. reconnect internal screen/knob harness to rs232 port on mainon main board
  12. check functionality
  13. button-up SuperConductor  and reinstall
  14. Test!

NOTE THAT THE DEFAULT IP ADDRESS and other settings will be changed as part of this update.  To restore content, extract the thumb-drive, insert into your computer, and replace the contents of the thumb drive with the contents of the backup folder you make previously.   Reboot the SuperConductor  – all content and functionality should be restored.