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This page shows the basic CGI command language to remote-control a SuperConductor audio player.
Example assumes the SuperConductor is assigned a fixed IP address of
More detail is provided in the SuperConductor manual (click here to download).

Example of link to play Sound assigned to knob position 7 with play mode “one” (once):$=ONE

Example of link to play sound in library, named “BS.mp3”$=BS&plmod$=ONE

Example of link to stop sound playback:

Knob Lockout

PARAMETERS: •    B524=1 set knob lockout on •    B524=0 set knob lockout off
Note: this command stores the setting in the non-volatile memory and causes a device reset.

Start Recording
! rc = 3 (start recording function)
! KREC is a free knob position !

Stop Recording