Technomad Turnkey PA Systems for Vehicle-Mount Use

Technomad offers two vehicle-mountable product lines:

FireFly Audio Systems offer extremely light weight (25 lbs per module) performance, with excellent mid-bass to high frequency output.  These systems are ideal for highly intelligible voice and siren playback where minimum installed weight is critical.  Coverage angle per FireFly is 40x 90 degrees, and multiple units can be combined to create any coverage angle desired.Best For: General Purpose Audio, Voice, Sirens, Training and Operations

Turnkey PA Systems offer 180 and 360 degree coverage patterns with range up to 1 mile, with unmatched full spectrum audio output – deep bass, detailed highs.  These packages offer maximum audio performance for PSYOPS, deception, music playback, training, and similar uses.  These packages are heavier than FireFly based systems.Best For: Maximum Quality Music, PSYOPS, Deception, Extremely Realistic Combat Simulation

A wide range of accessories include digital playback and recording devices, Land Mobile Radio modules, wireless or wired headset microphones, and much more.

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