Technomad Vessel Warning / Standoff PA Systems

Military and civilian ships require high-output, high intelligibility PA systems / hailing systems to provide clear “standoff” instructions to small-craft. Technomad has several “turn-key” military PA systems which combine powerful weatherproof loudspeakers with a pre-wired amplifier mixer rack.

Systems are delivered ready to use, and include a CD/Tape player, and a handheld microphone. Wireless microphones are available as an option.  The SuperConductor digital audio player/recorder option allows for on-demand or scheduled audio playback, ideal for speech messages, sirens, or other alerts.

Systems are available to cover:

Technomad high-powered PA systems offer vastly better voice clarity at distance than traditional “horn” systems [ more information ].  This is of crucial importance when a large vessel is warning a small craft not to approach too closely or face a potentially lethal response. The systems are ideal for naval force protection applications.

All Technomad vessel warning systems are based on Technomad’s Mil-Spec 810F Loudspeakers. All models have gasketed hurricane lids, and are self-casing.

Technomad Vessel PA systems also offer outstanding music playback quality, allowing dual-use operation as: a warning system and music system for morale / ceremonial applications. Five standard PA systems are available, and customized PA systems can be designed as needed.