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Parade Ground Audio, Technomad at Quantico

Photos from a recent installation / upgrade of parade-ground audio at MCB Quantico. The loudspeakers installed were the MIL-STD 810F Pismo Loudspeaker. The loudspeakers were mounted to existing lighting poles using stainless-steel strapping and Technomad stainless multi-mount loudspeaker brackets.

Pismo loudspeakers have been supplied by Technomad to the US military and allied armed forces since 1995, and offer multi-decade operational life in harsh conditions, including intense desert UV (ultraviolet) radiation, heat, blowing sand, salt fog, rain, snow, and intense cold.

The Pismo loudspeaker has a nominal range of 1/2 mile, while the larger Omaha loudspeaker has range up to 1 mile. The US made loudspeakers are typically sold as part of turn-key mobile or permanent PA systems, complete with pre integrated control rack with amplifier, microphones, and cabling. Larger modular outdoor pa systems are also available which cover multiple square miles, with multiple local-output systems linked together using wireless or Ethernet based connections.

Popular accessories for Technomad systems include the SuperConductor automatic audio player (ideal for playing bugle-calls, alerts, and safety reminders automatically on a schedule or on-demand in case of emergency), additional wireless microphones, vehicle power-interfaces for operation away from AC power sources, and more.

Technomad also supplies Man-Pack ultraportable battery powered PA systems which are ideal for rucksack transported uses or applications without AC power.