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New Features in SuperConductor 4.0 Firmware

Need to upgrade your current unit?  Sign the Guestbook for instant access to the Product Support Page – then you can download the firmware and view step-by-step instructions (look halfway down the page, in the “SuperConductor” section.  We’re happy to help you if you have any questions – and we can even upgrade your unit at our factory for a small fee if you prefer.

Major Improvements
• Upload speed improved for sounds file upload operations – @ 200% faster upload
• Second precision added on task scheduler – now you can schedule events down to the second!
• Custom section added on STATUS page. The content is read from a “custom.html” file located in the internal SD drive.  Use this to create your own custom message or instructions on the Status (default) page – i.e. simple text messages, warnings, instructions, or even HTML with links.  Very useful for identifying the unit, your department, etc.  Just create / edit the “custom.html” file on the USB drive – content is auto-included in the Status page.
• CONTROL page created as second tab.
• Lower level password added for CONTROL page access.  Now, you can create a password which provides access ONLY to the Control page – i.e. for lower-level staffers to play sounds, WITHOUT giving them access to the entire unit.
• Added SonicIP as WEB UI configurable option (you can turn off the ‘voice announcement’ of the unit’s IP Address).
• Mandatory ‘until’ time removed from scheduler – single events now don’t’ need you to enter ‘until’ time.

Other Improvements:
• Added more clear scheduler entry state indicator.
• Added SW VERSION in status page, after last tab.
• Playlist file name changed to knoblist_xxx.txt.
• Special char (X) to exit aborting from some LCM sections.
• Minus offset added to the timeserver timeshift setup option.
• Device automatically resets after IP, netmask, or router IP change.
• USB storage converted FAT32 file system (FAT16 compatibility).
• Added WAV file compatibility. WAV file format auto-detection on play.
• Added file size column in UPLOAD page.
• System Details link added to SETTING page.
• Remote Control and Knob Lockout WEB UI fields moved to SETTINGS page.

Bugs Fixed In This Version:
• Fixed bad Timeserver alignment.
• LCM Recorded sound could not be scheduled – now it can.

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