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Technomad Mil-Spec Audio Systems Used by Troops Around the World

Networked Weatherproof PA Systems Deliver Superior Sound Quality and Durability

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HumVee-Mounted PA

MilPA2 System

Installation in Afghanistan

Basewide Example

Ship-board PA System

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Boston ­ Technomad Inc. has developed a line of high-powered weatherproof military PA systems being used by US, UK, Canadian and other national Armed Forces around the world. These breakthrough systems offer a unique combination of power, compact size, weatherproof construction and clear speech and music reproduction.

Technomad systems can be deployed in 15-minutes or less by one person (see video) and no audio expertise is required to setup or use them. All systems are built into rugged flight-cases and are fully weatherproof. Technomad military PA systems offer speech intelligibility far superior to traditional horn speaker systems. Technomad audio systems provide 180 to 360-degree audio coverage up to 1 mile from the PA, making them ideal for Giant Voice / Mass Notification / Big Voice systems, permanent and mobile installations such as training facilities, tent cities and refugee camps. Mobile versions of the systems operate from 24 volt DC power for on-vehicle use, and are ideal for PSYOPS, training, deception and other operations.

All Technomad systems ship with a pre-wired amplifier and signal processing rack complete with microphones, CD/Tape players, speaker stands and cables. Protective gasketed lids clamp onto the front of the loudspeakers and the control rack, converting the system into flight-cases ready for convenient transport (see animation).

Technomad offers optional ‘Link Kits’ that allow multiple Technomad PA systems to be networked to form very large-area PA systems (i.e. 10 square miles or more) without requiring complex programming. Link Kits are available in wireless or Ethernet models. Applications for Link Kit technology include rapidly deployed flight-line PA systems, tent-city paging and warning systems or permanently installed facility-wide mass notification systems.

Technomad military loudspeakers are completely weatherproof and can be setup in any weather conditions. They can even be installed permanently on the decks of ships, for use as hailing systems.

Since 1996, Technomad audio systems have been in use with military and government agencies including the White House Communications Agency, Zussman Urban Combat Training Center, Ft. Knox, USMC Parris Island, GTMO, Seymour Johnson AFB, Offutt AFB, Naval Undersea Warfare Centers and dozens of US military facilities worldwide.

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