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Technomad Military PA Systems Provide Mass Notification Training at Keesler Air Force Base


Turnkey and Modular systems, Technomad SuperConductor 2.0 mp3 player central to 81st Training Wing courses on operating mass notification systems


BOSTON, November 12, 2008 – Technomad Associates, LLC announces that Keesler Air Force Base, one of the largest technical training wings in the Air Education and Training Command (AETC), is using Technomad Military PA Systems for mass notification and simulation classes.The classes comprise the Ground Radio Communications Apprentice and Expeditionary Air Force Deployment Block for the 81st Training Wing of the AETC.The block provides students with detailed instruction on the setup, operation, field maintenance, and breakdown of mass notification and alert systems in real-world Air Force deployments.

Setup and Operation of the Technomad Audio Source Pack for Technomad Modular Military PA Systems is an integral part of the mass notification training for students at Keesler AFB
Setup and Operation of the Technomad Audio Source Pack for Technomad Modular Military PA Systems is an integral part of the mass notification training for students at Keesler AFB


Keesler Air Force Base, located on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi, is using two varieties of Technomad Military PA Systems for instruction: The wired Turnkey PA systems and the wireless Modular PA systems, for use in both the classroom and outdoor training areas.All systems come complete with Technomad IP56-rated weatherproof loudspeakers and signal processing racks featuring Technomad SuperConductor military mp3 player/recorders for manually injecting various alarms and tones into the training exercises.Each signal processing rack also includes a power amplifier and mixer, with wired and wireless microphones assigned to the appropriate systems.Technomad recently upgraded its systems at Keesler Air Force Base to ensure that students are being instructed on the most modern technology available.


According to Donald Lindsey, Training Specialist, the students learn how to first operate the systems in the classroom, assembling the various systems and exercising the different configurations in the field.The wired systems are ideal for simulating mass notification and public address within a restricted area, while the wireless systems are used to cover larger distances. The wireless Giant Voice Modular PA systems link multiple loudspeaker points with dedicated amplifiers and mixers together to the main system, and teach students how to properly align the system between the various points over both RF and IP connections.


“Our goal is that students graduate with a strong understanding of the importance of mass notification and alert capabilities to satisfy force requirements,” said Lindsey.“We reinforce the importance of mass notification in the operational Air Force and help to develop common sense regarding the size of the system needed.For example, we do not want to set up a multipoint system that can be heard a mile away when we only need to cover 200 yards.The alarms generated through the SuperConductor help our students differentiate between non-critical signals and those that are generated as prompts to take cover for protection.Students also learn the basic theory about the equipment so they understand the importance of accurate setup and the overall concept of the mass notification system, its various components and how to properly maintain them in the field.These are all very good lessons to reinforce.”

Technomad Turnkey PA Systems are used inside the classroom for the initial training procedures
Technomad Turnkey PA Systems are used inside the classroom for the initial training procedures


The Gulf Coast location of Keesler Air Force Base is well-known for its heavy rains and high heat and humidity.The Technomad equipment, with its IP56-rated weatherproof protection, is critical for outdoor training classes that happen rain or shine.The rugged construction of the equipment is also crucial in the field, where equipment is commonly put through harsh durability tests – intentional and unintentional.Technomad also provides gasketed lids for extra protection in very severe situations, which are easily clamped to the loudspeakers when not in use.


“The only element that interrupts our mission is lightning, so our equipment must meet weatherproofing requirements,” said Lindsey.“Durability is also a must. The rule of thumb here is if it can be broken, it will be broken.”


The Technomad Military PA systems are generally set up by two students, who also take turns injecting alarms and tones from the Superconductor to simulate attacks or all-clear situations. Students also use the microphones supplied with the system to enable live voice over the system to simulate mass briefings and other public address situations.The Technomad systems output CD-quality digital audio and provide clear speech intelligibility that is far superior to traditional ‘horn’ speaker systems, which suffer from inherent distortion and narrow audio bandwidth.This allows Lindsey’s students to output intelligible audio coverage that is heard loud and clear within very limited areas or over very large open spaces.


Technomad Military PA systems are used at military bases around the globe for a variety of training applications and military ceremonies, as well as mass notification, Giant Voice / Mass Notification / Big Voice,  and forward operating base PA systems.Technomad Military PA systems arrive to all military customers pre-wired and ready to use and built into rugged flight-cases.Typical setup time is 15 minutes or less, and setup can be accomplished by a single operator regardless of audio expertise.


System options include wireless microphones, telephone system interfaces, solar and wind power, DC power or ‘euro’ AC power adapters, and the new SuperConductor 2.0 military MP3 player and recording system.The SuperConductor 2.0 allows users to record field audio for immediate playback from a front-knob position, or scheduled playback of multiple files at any time— without the need for a computer or web browser.



Technomad Associates, LLC, founded in 1995, designs and manufactures loudspeaker systems for the professional audio and security / military technology / mass notification industries. The company invented the first reliable full-range military PA systems and now offers eight networkable models with range up to one mile, as well as the SuperConductor military MP3 player and FireFly ultra-lightweight PA system.  Technomad systems are widely used in FEMA CPG 1-17 / UFC 4-021-01 alerting applications.


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