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Here are common SuperConductor issues and solutions.  Contact us if you have any any issues, We’re here to help.

• Can’t Connect / Can’t Load Web Page
Read this Guide to Connecting your Computer to a
SuperConductor (XP, OSX, Linux)
The SuperConductor is shipped with a default address of  Note that you can change this via the knob-and-screen (Local Configuration Mode – see the manual), or AFTER logging in via a computer, using the SuperConductor web interface. You will need to set your computer to be on the same subnet in order to connect to the SuperConductor.  That means you would need to manually assign your computer an IP address such as, etc.  Use the subnet mask
To directly connect your computer to the SuperConductor use a crossover cable.  If the SuperConductor and your computer are both connected to a hub or LAN network all cables will be standard (straight-through) Please review the Connection Guide above, and the Complete SuperConductor Manual – then contact Technomad for assistance if needed.
Unit is Stuck in Standby Mode
Reboot / Power Off, wait 30 seconds, Power On
Single Events Don’t Repeat
Single Events (that is, events that play at a certain time) must have an ‘Until” time set.  For example, to play SIREN1.MP3 every day at 10AM, you should set SIREN1.MP3 to play AT 10:00AM and set an UNTIL time like 10:15AM. This will cause the sound to play one time only, at 10:00 AM.  Only if you set the sound to play EVERY (for example) 3 minutes would the sound in fact play at 10:00, 10:03, 10:06, etc.
If you do not set an UNTIL time for events, they will play only on the first day, and then not on subsequent days.  This bug is in the queue to be fixed.
Scheduled Events Don’t Work
Solution #1:  Don’t set the same Time for Start and Until! For example, if you want an event to happen one time, at 12:00, don’t set the Start time to 12:00 and the Until time to 12:00!  Set (for example) the Start to 12:00 and the Until time to 12:01.
Solution #2:  Look at your schedule – is there a higher priority event overlapping with the event that isn’t playing?  For example, if you have a schedule that plays a sound every 15 minutes, all day as the top (highest priority) schedule line, and a few lines lower you have a schedule line created to play a sound once at 12:15, guess what – that lower event will never occur.  It will always be over-ridden by the upper schedule line.