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  • DragonFly Full Range PA System

    Product ID: 1452
    The DragonFly is a highly portable PA system that offers Technomad’s unsurpassed combination of audio quality, product flexibility and ruggedness. Identical i...     Read More
  • MilPA2 Military PA System

    Product ID: 725
    This complete weatherproof military audio system includes everything needed to project voice and music up to 1 mile away in a semi-circular area. System Includes: 2x Technomad O...     Read More
  • Wireless Mic Module for DragonFly or FireFly (additional)

    Product ID: 1357
    Module, for DragonFly / FireFly expansion slot. Adds 2nd wireless microphone system to a portable Technomad system. Handheld wireless microphone receiver. 902-928 Mhz ...     Read More
  • SuperConductor Module – Automatic audio player and recorder for the DragonFly or FireFly systems

    Product ID: 1266
    Module only- installs into the expansion bay of a FireFly or DragonFly portable system. The ultimate audio playback / recording system for military applications. Offers both on ...     Read More
  • Wireless Microphone System – Handheld

    Product ID: 731
    1x high quality, handheld wireless microphone system. Integrates into any Technomad military PA system. Operating range up to 200 yds., dependent on sight lines, weather conditi...     Read More
  • High-lift Tripod Upgrade (13’, Guyed)

    Product ID: 961
    Tripod Upgrade – replaces one standard MilPA system tripod with 13′ high-lift tripod. Crank up design. Includes 3 guy lines with stakes. Can only be ordered in combinati...     Read More