LMR ( Land Mobile Radio ) interface for Technomad giant voice PA systems
[LMR Interface Installed in Audio Source Pack System]

LMR (Land Mobile Radio) Interface for Technomad PA Systems

Now you can integrate your existing Land Mobile Radios with Technomad Turnkey or Modular PA systems – just add the LMR Interface option. The LMR Interface allows compatible VHF or UHF LMRs, including P25-compliant units, to ‘speak’ through the PA system.

NOTE: this option IS an LMR integrated radio unit – you do not need to buy an additional radio to be a ‘receiver’.

The LMR option provides a simple, reliable way for staff in the field to address not only other radio-carriers, but the entire facility via your powerful, intelligible Technomad PA. LMR integration is ideal for forward operating bases (FOB use), large fixed installations, firing-line training or combat simulation PAs and much more. The LMR Interface is a 1U rackmount unit which is normally installed in the control/amp rack of a Turnkey PA system, or in the Audio Source Pack of a Modular PA System.


  • Guard-Posts
  • Mobile Security / Sentries
  • Drill Instructors (i.e. Firing Line operations)
  • Vehicle (driver can speak through base PA)
  • Backup paging channel


  • Standards-Based (P25)
  • Leverages existing base LMRs – use your existing radios (if compatible)
  • Land Mobile Radios are rugged, light, ideal for mobile applications
  • Can be integrated along-side other communications protocols – i.e. use Technomad wireless link kits for CD-quality audio, use LMRs for sentries, use telephone interface to allow land-line callers to speak through PA.
  • Ideal redundant or backup audio channel for Force Protection
Size: 19″ wide x 11″ deep x 1.75″ high (1U /rackspace)
Weight: 8 lbs
Includes: Rackmount LMR Receiver, VHF or UHF (Specify on your order). Works with most modern LMRs, including P-25 compliant units. Contact Technomad with any questions about compatibility.
Includes audio cable to connect to Technomad PA systems. If ordered with Technomad PA system, comes pre-installed.

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