Looking for a Military Bugle system? You might be looking for software that runs on a regular PC, or maybe a pre-configured computer system with an audio output to drive speakers, etc.

But maybe the best choice for a Military Bugle system… doesn’t use a computer at all!

We developed a powerful digital message player for you, our military customers. You need something reliable, flexible and simple to play messages on bases and other facilities. And, you don’t want an unreliable PC involved, that might crash or catch a virus.

We’ve created a compact, super-reliable hardware device that does ONE thing really well – store and play back audio files on a schedule you create.  

And it keeps time well – in PERFECT sync if you connect it to a network time clock, and better than one minute a YEAR ( less than 5 seconds a month ) typical drift if operating stand-alone.

Need a complete military PA system to play Bugle Calls, Sirens and voice messages over your facility?  We can provide complete turn-key military PA systems to cover small, medium, or large facilities.


Get this for your Military Bugle applications: the SuperConductor™.

The SuperConductor is really easy to use – you can upload audio files to it from anywhere, then create a schedule of events for automatic playback. You can also assign sounds for super-quick access to the handy front knob. You configure it using your web browser (no special software required).

Result? Powerful but simple automatic Military Bugle playback (or music, or recorded voice announcements) AND the ability to quickly play audio files to respond to emergencies or special situations.

We build and support the SuperConductor from our Massachusetts USA Factory.

Uses include:

  • Military Bugle Systems
  • Carillon Systems
  • Ceremonial Use / Change of Command
  • Training and Combat Simulation
  • Event Music and Announcing

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