SuperConductorSuperConductor™ Version 2.03 – New Features
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With the release of software update 2.03, the SuperConductor is the most powerful, flexible, and usable audio player-recorder /message repeater available.

Key new feature: Local Configuration Mode
Local configuration mode (LCM) allows the SuperConductor user to all of the unit’s functions using the knob and screen, WITHOUT requiring a computer and web browser. Of course, you can still use a computer and web browser to make edits if you prefer. LCM is password protected.

New functions part of LCM:


Manually set the unit’s time, OR turn on the timeserver function – enter a timeserver IP address, and the unit will automatically synchronize its clock with the timeserver once a day for extreme accuracy. You can also enter a time offset to compensate for the difference between your location and the timeserver location (i.e. the difference between your local time and GMT).

View all sound files in the SuperConductor, and rename or delete them as desired.


“Set Play Mode” (show ONLY if there IS a sound assigned to the knob) – set a knob position to play once, to loop, or to play while knob is held.
“Assign Sound” – assign a sound from the library to a knob position
“Record Sound”

IP ADDRESS – set unit’s IP address

SUBNET – set subnet mask for the local network

ROUTER IP – set IP address of the local router

REMOTE CONTROL – turn on/off the ability to control the SuperConductor remotely via CGI command

LOCKOUT – lockout the front knob so no settings can be changed, and no sounds played using the knob – only scheduled or remote-triggered sounds will play.

SCHEDULE – edit automatic playback schedule for sounds

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