SuperConductor™ Version 2.03 – Upgrade Plans
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Technomad has recently released SuperConductor v2.03. This is a major software update, and a minor hardware update to provide a line-in jack for recording. See the list of new features here.

We are offering two ways to upgrade your SuperConductor to current spec:

1) Paid Upgrade: for $200 (CONUS return shipping included) Technomad will update your SuperConductor to 2.03 or later software and add a line-in jack for recording. We will attempt to preserve any audio files and settings in your unit, but cannot guarantee this. Please backup any critical audio files before returning the unit. Payment is by government PO or by credit card (preferred). Turnaround time is work-load dependent, but typically within 1 week. Rush orders may be accommodated by prior arrangement. SuperConductors are to be shipped to Technomad at your expense, well-packaged please, via insured service. Returned units will be covered by a new, 1-year warranty starting from unit return date. Note that severely damaged or degraded units may require extra cost for update. OCONUS orders will incur additional shipping charges.
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2) Free Upgrade: Technomad is offering the software update as a free upgrade for technical staff comfortable doing a field-upgrade using a PC and a null-modem serial cable. You will need to remove the SuperConductor from the rack, and partially disassemble it in order to do the upgrade. To enable recording, you will also have to wire a 1/4″ or other unbalanced connector to specific pins on the SuperConductor (parts not provided by Technomad). User-upgraded units will no longer be covered by warranty. Technomad is not responsible if you fry damage, render unusable, make unreliable, or in any other way compromise your SuperConductor – nor are we responsible for any other negative outcome of a self-upgrade attempt. We will provide step-by-step instructions, but you may or may not find these sufficient. We will provide helpful photos, but you may not find them complete. We will provide a modest amount of email support to customers attempting a self-upgrade, but heavy tech support / repairs will incur a $200 minimum charge (at our sole discretion). If you damage your unit during a self-upgrade attempt, repairs may cost more than $200.
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