Sometimes it is necessary to remote a wireless radio or send data from point-to-point using existing telephone wiring (i.e. 24 gauge twisted-pair copper). With Technomad Twisted Pair Link Kits, this is a simple proces.
For example, let’s say you have a small Technomad Modular PA system, consisting of an  Audio Source Pack (containing your mixer, microphone,  CD player, SuperConductor, and other audio signal sources) and an Output Pack 3 (a 4-loudspeaker, circular-coverage pattern PA system that covers a circle 1/2 mile in radius).
To connect the Audio Source Pack to the Output Pack, you might use our Twisted Pair Link Kits and ordinary copper telephone wire (or a spare pair of wires in a CAT5 cable).  CD-quality audio is transmitted, the systems are easy to maintain, and there’s no programming or configuration – true ‘plug and play’ performance.
Contact Technomad and we can quote you a system to use your existing twisted pair wiring (for fixed facilities) or temporary twisted pair wiring for field deployed applications.  We are here to help!