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What is the difference between the standard Turnkey PA Systems and the Modular PA systems?

Technomad Turnkey Military PA Systems are complete, ready-to-use PA systems which include IP56 rated weatherproof loudspeakers, a control rack with a mixer, amp, microphone, CD player, tripods, speaker cables, etc. They are delivered pre-wired, and ready to use. They are the best choice for all-around military audio use, because they can handle everything from voice paging to music playback to siren generation (with the optional Warning Tone Generator). Note that the Turnkey PA systems can handle very large areas – up to 1 mile radius from the PA system in the case of the Turnkey MilPA4.

For some applications where you need to link a bunch of PA systems together, it may be unnecessary for EVERY PA system to have a microphone and CD player, warning tone generator, etc. In this case, you’d use Turnkey Modular PA Systems. There is an “Audio Source Pack” – a small rack containing the CD player, mixer, and hand-held microphone – which generates audio signal. You’d then send this signal to “Output Packs” – integrated packages of loudspeakers / amplifiers / tripods / speaker cables etc. – using either the Fiber Optic Link Kits or the Wireless Link Kits. In essence, the Audio Source Pack is the “brain” that provides audio to all the Output Packs. Another way to look at it is that the four Output Packs (Output Pack 1, Output Pack 2, Output Pack 3, Output Pack 4) are the exact same thing as the Turnkey PA Systems (MilPA1, MilPA2, MilPA3, MilPA4), but without the CD player and the microphone. The Output Packs need to be fed an audio signal to operate.

Here are some applications where you might want to consider using the Modular PA approach: if you want to generate audio in a command post but you want install the loudspeakers cluster somewhere else, you’d select one Audio Source Pack, appropriate Link Kits (fiber optic or wireless), and an Output Pack with the range and coverage pattern you want. Or, if you want to create a permanently-installed base-wide PA system, you would use an Audio Source Pack to send signal (via the appropriate Link Kits) to several Output Packs installed around the facility.

Note that for deployed applications, you still might want to select all Turnkey PA systems – that way if you need to reconfigure the base, or use the PA systems by themselves, any single PA system will be able to operate stand-alone and play CDs, generate sound from the microphone etc. Also, that way any Turnkey PA System can be used as the source of audio for the whole base if needed – a good level of redundancy. Technomad sales can help you determine if a Turnkey PA or Modular PA approach is right for you.