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SuperConductor Features and Tour

SuperConductorIf you have a SuperConductor the video below is a ‘must view’ – scroll down and click the triangle to play.   The screencast walks through each web-configuration page of the unit.  Learn how to upload MP3 content to the SuperConductor, manage the password, assign sounds for emergency access, how to create a schedule of sounds to play automaticaly, how to turn on remote control of the device, how to record remotely and more.   If you have additional questions or need product support, our technical staff is available to assist you.  The SuperConductor PDF manual can be downloaded from this link.
» Frequently Asked Questions » Guide to Connecting your Computer to the SuperConductor

Background: The SuperConductor is an audio playback and recording device for government applications – it combines the easy, on-demand playback of an MP3 player with sophisticated automatic playback capabilities.  It schedules base operations, plays music at events and ceremonies, plays sirens at FOBs, creates realistic training environments, and is ideal for PSYOPS and deception use.

The SuperConductor can be used with Technomad military PA systems, or with non-Technomad audio solutions such as building paging systems.

Can’t view Flash?  Click here to download the video (32MB)

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